Ashmead's Kernel

Ashmead's Kernel

A late dessert apple

First Reportedc1700
EatDec to Feb

Ashmead's Kernel was raised in the Gloucestershire garden of Dr. Ashmead in about 1700. It is considered to be a fine, high-quality, late dessert variety which has a sweet, aromatic flavour with a hint of acidity.

Its very dry skin is yellowish-green and is sometimes flushed in varying amounts, with ochre-orange or orange-red. It can be almost fully covered with fine, quite scaly cinnamon/brown or grey/brown russet. This finely-textured, yellowy-white, tinged with green, fleshed apple is crisp, juicy and refreshing. It is picked in mid-October and its season of use is December to February.

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