Devonshire Quarrendon

A strawberry-flavoured apple.

First Reported1676
Use byImmediately

There is a curious little history to this very attractive small apple. It is said to have originated in Carentan, Normandy circa 1660. Say 'Carentan' quickly several times with a decent French accent and quickly change to a Devonshire accent and voila – you have a Devonshire Quarrenden!

It was first recorded in Devon by John Worlidge in 1676. It was particularly popular in Victorian times as an early dessert apple. It is quite a thought that when eating a Devonshire Quarrenden you are enjoying the same fruit as someone from King Charles II's time!

It is a smaller than medium fruit. Its skin is smooth, shiny, a lovely deep purplish colour with patches of delicate, pale green where the fruit has been in shade. It has an aromatic, strawberry flavour. The flesh is white, juicy and stained red. It has a most refreshing taste.

It is picked in mid-August and can be eaten from the tree. Its season of use is limited to one month. There is only one Devonshire Quarrenden tree in Rivers Orchard.

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