Apple Juice - £3 per bottle (750 mL) or £5 for two

The apples collected at Apple Day 2017 have been pressed into almost 1000 bottles of apple juice in three varieties: Laxton, Bramley/Cox and mixed. The mixed juice is available for sale at Full of Beans in Sawbridgeworth and the other varieties will be sold at local events (or directly from us for large orders).

Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth - out of stock

Published in 2009, "Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth" is a book by our own Elizabeth Waugh that looks into the extensive history of the Rivers Nursery, one of the most significant horticultural sites in the world. It explores the family business from its foundation in 1725 until its closure in 1987 including the many contributions to horticulture made on it as well as interviews with people involved in the business just before closure. A review of this book can be found here.

Unfortunately, there are no more copies from the original 1000 for sale. We are looking into producing a e-book if demand is sufficient. Please e-mail us if you would be interested. In the mean time, you may be able to read a copy at Sawbridgeworth Library or from our archives.