Fruit of the Month Gallery

An archive of all previous Fruit of the Month entries.

November 2019
Ashmead's Kernel

A late dessert apple

September 2019
Early Rivers Cherry

A local, early cherry

August 2019
Ribston Pippin

A classic Yorkshire apple

June 2019
Lady Sudeley

An Early Dessert Apple

April 2019
Pitmaston Pineapple

A Distinctive Apple

March 2019
Cox's Orange Pippin

Britain's Favourite Dessert Apple?

January 2019
Czar Plum

Rivers' famous plum

November 2018
Thomas Rivers Apple

A local apple

May 2018
Dunkerton Late

A sweet cider apple.

April 2018
Prince Edward

A local apple.

March 2018
Sturmer Pippin

A delicious crisp apple.

February 2018
Monarch Plum

A plum of many uses!.

January 2018
Lemon Pippin

A distinctive, dual-use apple.

December 2017
Annie Elizabeth

A reliable, late cooking apple.

November 2017
Kingston Black

A bitter-sweet cider apple.

October 2017
Blenheim Orange

A 'must-have' apple.

September 2017
Ellison's Orange

A popular garden apple.

August 2017
Beauty of Bath

An Early Apple

July 2017
Lane's Prince Albert

A Multi-Use Apple

June 2017
Orleans Reinette

A Nutty Apple

May 2017
Early Rivers Plum

Early Versatile Plum

April 2017
Allington Pippin

Late Dessert apple

March 2017
Newton Wonder

Fantastic dual-use apple

February 2017
Arthur Turner

Great for baking and pies!

January 2017
Devonshire Quarrendon

A strawberry-flavoured apple

December 2016
Laxton's Superb

A refreshing, crisp, juicy apple

November 2016
Miller's seedling

A juicy, sweet apple.

October 2016
King of Pippins

Apple of many names!

September 2016
St. Edmunds Pippin

A versatile apple

August 2016
Severn Cross Plum

A soft, juicy plum

July 2016
Concorde pear

A buttery-sweet pear

June 2016

An aromatic apple

May 2016
Charles Ross

An attractive apple

April 2016

An enthusiast's apple

March 2016
Adam's Pearmain

Distinctively nutty apple

February 2016
Edward VII

Excellent storing apple