Fruit of the Month Gallery

An archive of all previous Fruit of the Month entries.

January 2020
Edward VII

Excellent storing apple

November 2019
Ashmead's Kernel

A late dessert apple

September 2019
Early Rivers Cherry

A local, early cherry

August 2019
Ribston Pippin

A classic Yorkshire apple

June 2019
Lady Sudeley

An Early Dessert Apple

April 2019
Pitmaston Pineapple

A Distinctive Apple

March 2019
Cox's Orange Pippin

Britain's Favourite Dessert Apple?

January 2019
Czar Plum

Rivers' famous plum

November 2018
Thomas Rivers Apple

A local apple

May 2018
Dunkerton Late

A sweet cider apple.

April 2018
Prince Edward

A local apple.

March 2018
Sturmer Pippin

A delicious crisp apple.

February 2018
Monarch Plum

A plum of many uses!.

January 2018
Lemon Pippin

A distinctive, dual-use apple.

December 2017
Annie Elizabeth

A reliable, late cooking apple.

November 2017
Kingston Black

A bitter-sweet cider apple.

October 2017
Blenheim Orange

A 'must-have' apple.

September 2017
Ellison's Orange

A popular garden apple.

August 2017
Beauty of Bath

An Early Apple

July 2017
Lane's Prince Albert

A Multi-Use Apple

June 2017
Orleans Reinette

A Nutty Apple

May 2017
Early Rivers Plum

Early Versatile Plum

April 2017
Allington Pippin

Late Dessert apple

March 2017
Newton Wonder

Fantastic dual-use apple

February 2017
Arthur Turner

Great for baking and pies!

January 2017
Devonshire Quarrendon

A strawberry-flavoured apple

December 2016
Laxton's Superb

A refreshing, crisp, juicy apple

November 2016
Miller's seedling

A juicy, sweet apple.

October 2016
King of Pippins

Apple of many names!

September 2016
St. Edmunds Pippin

A versatile apple

August 2016
Severn Cross Plum

A soft, juicy plum

July 2016
Concorde pear

A buttery-sweet pear

June 2016

An aromatic apple

May 2016
Charles Ross

An attractive apple

April 2016

An enthusiast's apple

March 2016
Adam's Pearmain

Distinctively nutty apple