Newton Wonder

Fantastic dual-use apple.

First Reported1870
AppearanceYellow, red stripes
Use byJanuary

Newton Wonder was found as a seedling in 1870 by Mr. Taylor, the innkeeper of the Hardinge Arms, King’s Newton, Melbourne, Derbyshire. It was growing in the thatched roof! He transplanted it into his garden where it survived until the 1940s. Newton Wonder was introduced to market in 1887 by J.R. Pearson's Nursery, Nottingham.It was awarded a first-class certificate by the RHS in the same year. It is thought to be a cross between Dummellor's Seedling and Blenheim Orange.

It is a very large, flat round culinary apple. Newton Wonder tends to fruit biennially in our orchard. Its skin is greenish yellow, covered with orange-red stripes and dots of russet. It cooks to a fluffy, juicy, creamy puree and makes a very flavoursome jelly.

It is picked in mid –October. It will store for a few months. Newton Wonder can be eaten as a dessert apple later in the season. It has a sharp, acidic, pleasant taste.

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