Monarch Plum

A plum of many uses!

First Reported1883
AppearanceDark purple
Use byImmediately

Not to be confused with the apple of the same name!

The Monarch plum was raised by Thomas Rivers. It was first described in 1883 and introduced in 1885. It was awarded a First Class Certificate by the RHS in 1894. It is an attractive, medium-sized plum (1 ¾ in. by 2 in.). It is oval in form, dark purple in colour with some white spots. Its flesh is firm, juicy and medium sweet. Tree growth is very vigorous and upright.

It is a free stone plum which cooks well and makes an excellent jam. It can also be used for dessert. Monarch is picked at the end of September. There are two Monarch plum trees in our orchard.

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