Severn Cross Plum

A soft, juicy plum.

First Reported1921
LocationLong Ashton
UseDessert or Jam
AppearanceLarge, Golden yellow
Use byImmediately

Severn Cross is reported to be a cross between Coe's Golden Drop and Giant Prune. It was raised in 1921 by G.T. Spinks at Long Ashton Research Station and introduced in 1931. It received the RHS Award of Merit in 1951.

Severn Cross is a large to very large deep golden yellow, oval-shaped plum of very good flavour, flushed with varying amounts of pink and small red dots. Its flesh is soft, pale yellow and very juicy. It clings lightly to its stone. Severn Cross needs careful picking as it tends to bruise easily.

It is an outstanding, reliable heavy cropper which hangs well on the tree. It is picked in September. Good for dessert use and jam-making.

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