An enthusiast's apple.

First Reported1918
AppearanceOrange/crimson stripes
Cropslate September
Use byOct - Dec

Sunset was raised by Mr. G.C. Addy, Ightham, Kent, circa 1918, from a pip of Cox's Orange Pippin. It is a good-quality dessert variety which spurs freely and produces a heavy crop of smallish apples. Thinning is advisable.

Its skin is greenish-yellow and partly covered in varying amounts of bright-orange to orange-red flush, with broad, broken, crimson red stripes. Its creamy-coloured, coarse-textured flesh is sweet, juicy, aromatic, and full of flavour. It received the RHS Award of Merit in 1960 and the RHS First Class Certificate in 1982.

It is widely grown by apple enthusiasts. It is picked in late-September and its season of use is October to December.

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