Lady Sudeley

Lady Sudeley

An Early Dessert Apple

First Reported1848
LocationSudeley Estate
AppearanceGreen-yellow red stripes
CropsLate August-Early September
EatStraight from tree

Lady Sudeley is an early dessert apple. It is said to have been raised in 1849 by a cottager named Jacob from Petworth, Sussex and was initially known as Jacob’s Strawberry. George Bunyard, Nurseryman, took particular notice of this handsome apple at a London show in 1884. He obtained grafts and re-named the apple as Lady Sudeley in recognition of his best customer at that time – Sudeley Estate in Gloucestershire. It was granted an Award of Merit from the RHS in 1884.

It is a medium-sized apple with a light- green, yellowy skin. It is always more than half-covered by bold, bright scarlet stripes. Its flesh is soft to the bite and quite sweet.

Lady Sudeley is picked in late August/early September. It can be eaten straight from the tree. It will not store well as it becomes waxy, woolly and loses its flavour after quite a short time. It is one of the best croppers in Rivers Orchard.

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