Sturmer Pippin

Sturmer Pippin

A delicious crisp apple.

First Reported 1827
LocationHaverhill - Suffolk
Use byApril

Sturmer Pippin was raised by a nurseryman named Dillistone at Sturmer, a village near Haverhill in Suffolk. It was presented to the Horticultural Society in 1827 who judged it to be a first-class late dessert apple. It is reported that the Sturmer Pippin was produced by impregnating Ribston Pippin with the pollen of Nonpareil.

It has a very attractive appearance. A medium-sized apple, round/conical in shape; it has a bright shiny green skin which turns to yellowy green as it matures. It is covered with brown russet and will present with a small dull red patch on the side next to the sun. Its flesh is firm, juicy and finely textured. Its taste is crisp, aromatic and slightly acidic.

Sturmer Pippin is a very late apple which is picked in November and will last round to April. The hotter the summer, the tastier this apple will be!

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