Early Rivers Plum

Early Rivers Plum

Early Versatile Plum

First Reportedca. 1820
AppearanceDeep purple round

This excellent, very early plum was raised from Precoce de Tours by Thomas Rivers around 1820 and introduced circa 1834 under the name Rivers’ Early Prolific. It was awarded a First Class Certificate by the RHS in 1895. Robert Hogg, eminent pomologist and great friend of Thomas Rivers, persuaded the latter to rename the variety as Early Rivers.

It is a purple-skinned fruit, small, generally roundish in form with an attractive lavender bloom. It is delicious to eat and makes tasty jams and pies. Its firm, golden yellow flesh is full of juice and flavour. It separates easily from its stone. Early Rivers is picked in late July/early August. It is a good, reliable cropper and is easy to grow.

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