Allington Pippin

Allington Pippin

Late Dessert apple

First Reported1884
AppearanceYellow/red flush

Allington Pippin was raised in Lincolnshire by Thomas Laxton prior to 1884. It is a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and King of the Pippins. It was first exhibited as Brown’s South Lincoln Beauty in 1889. In 1894 it received a First Class Certificate from the RHS. George Bunyard, who introduced it to market in 1896, changed its name to Allington Pippin.

Allington Pippin is a medium-sized, mid to late season dessert apple. It is crunchy and refreshing with a pleasant aromatic flavour. Its skin is pale yellow with a brownish red flush.

Allington Pippin is a heavy cropper but can become biennial as is the case with those in Rivers Orchard. It is picked in late Sept./early Oct. and will store through to Nov/Dec. Good for cider and juicing.

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