Charles Ross

Charles Ross

Fruit of the Month - May 2016

An attractive apple

First Reported1890
UseDual purpose
AppearanceGreen/yellow round
Crops September
EatSept to Nov

Charles Ross is an attractive, dual purpose apple. It is a cross between Peasgood Nonsuch and Cox’s Orange Pippin. It was raised by Charles Ross who was gardener to Captain Carstairs at Welford Park in Berkshire from 1860-1908. It was first exhibited in 1890 under the name Thomas Andrew Knight who was President of the RHS. It received an Award of Merit in 1899 when its name was changed to Charles Ross at the express wish of Capt. Carstairs. It received a First Class Certificate from the RHS as Charles Ross.

It is a fairly large, round conical apple with a greenish-yellowish skin which is partly covered with an orange red flush and broken stripes of crimson. Its firm flesh is creamy white, juicy and aromatic.

It is picked in September but must not be stored for too long as it becomes soft and woolly in texture. It is best cooked early in its season – September, October and November. It is a vigorous tree which spurs freely.

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