Orchard Maintenance Diary 2018

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Monthly Maintenance, March 2018

The cold and snow of the previous days vanished and the weather was perfect for a March maintenance day.

Rob, with help, continued with the apple tree pruning, working at opening up the centres of the larger trees and reducing the heights. This will be the last session for the apple trees this year. Others volunteers spent most of the time taking prunings to the normal site and in particular Geoff and Keith took the cherry tree prunings to the usual area as we intend to burn these next month, weather permitting. Volunteers cut shots from root stock from around the pear and plum trees and filled sand sacks with the willow cuttings which Barrie will take to the dump as per last month.

Adrienne mentioned the reprinting of the Rivers Book and that if anyone would like one to let her know and she will bring to Maintenance days. Cost £15.00. Adrienne also mentioned that next two maintenance days fell on Easter Sunday and the May Fayre date. Adrienne said she appreciated many volunteers may not be able to come on Easter Sunday but that she was able to attend with Rob and that if there were a few others then the day would go ahead. Several indicated they could attend. May Fayre clash will be discussed at RHSO meeting.

Adrienne mentioned important to get membranes around trees before grass got too long, so may look at additional date in April.

Elizabeth Chafer has visited the site during February to continue the pruning of the young trees.

Thank you to volunteers Rob, Adrienne, Geoff, Robinne, Keith, Roger, John, Annie and Eileen.

Monthly Maintenance, February 2018

The start of a new year in the Orchard and despite the bad weather of the past few days, Sunday proved to be a dry day and resulted in a great turn out.

Rob took a band of volunteers to the north end of the Orchard to tackle heavy pruning of the larger Bramley trees, while others tackled lighter pruning to the south. Elizabeth Chafer has been visiting the site since December and has completed the pruning of all younger trees to Row M. Well done. All the Orchard was checked for damage from the strong winds to trees and the membranes surrounding the younger trees and repairs done accordingly. The willow stems pollarded last December were cut and placed in two large sand sacks that Adrienne hopes to take to the green waste. We hope to have a bonfire soon to dispose of the large amount of prunings that have accumulated over the past two years.

Volunteers used willow chippings to cover muddy paths either side of bridge. It was suggested could try and get willow shredded/chipped so we add to our chippings for path use in the future.

Unfortunately we have lost two small trees in Row T. Will have to identify and inform Eugene for tree records.

Many thanks to volunteers Rob, Adrienne, Geoff, Robinne, Eric, Ruth, Hazel, Michael, Eugene, Ann, John, Annie, Eileen and newcomer Roger.

Maintenance days in 2017 can be found here.

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