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Rivers Heritage


All the news from RHSO

12th July 2021

Elizabeth Waugh's book "Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth" is available to buy.

13th December 2020
There are a few bottles of the 2019 mixed juice still available to buy. 2020 juice will be available shortly. We have sold out of our single variety juices.

19th October 2020
As CoViD restrictions look likely to last for some time, it is unlikely that we will be able to hold out annual Wassail this January. We will review this decision should the situation change.

19th October 2020
Our mixed apple juice is for sale at Full of Beans at £3 per bottle or £5 for two. Our Cox/Bramley juice is available for collection from Sawbridgeworth or local delivery for those isolating. Please email us for information. We will sell at local stalls where possible.

10th October 2020
Our intrepid volunteers braved the rain to collect this year's apple crop and we have an additional 629 bottles of mixed apple juice for sale.

21st June 2020
CoViD-19 update: Our mixed Apple Juice is for sale at Full of Beans in Sawbridgeworth. We are not selling at local events, but other varieties can be ordered from us by e-mail and collected from Sawbridgeworth or delivered within Sawbridgeworth for people who are isolating.

25th March 2020
A list of fruit varieties present in our orchard in now available.

22nd February 2020
Our earliest plum and apricot trees are now out in full blossom!

18th February 2020
The RHSO committee adopted a new management plan for the orchard.

18th February 2020
The RHSO committee was relected at the 2020 AGM.

9th February 2020
Selected historical Rivers Nursery catalogues are now available from the group's archives and a list of Rivers fruit varieties is available from the history page.

18th January 2020
Wassail 2020 was hugely sucessful. A local paper report can be found here.

10th October 2019
Apple Day was a huge success. Almost 1000 bottles of juice are available for sale.

20th September 2019
We have pressed some of the early apples into juice for the first time. This will be available for sale shortly. Some of our 2018 mixed apple juice is also available for sale.

26th April 2019
The RHSO committee was relected at the 2019 AGM.

25th January 2019
Our annual Wassail returned in 2019.

10th October 2018
Apple Day 2018 went (literally and metaphorically!) swimmingly!

10th June 2018
Elizabeth Waugh's book "Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth" is available buy again.

6th January 2018
The group reformed under a new constitution.