Apple Day 2018

Apple Day is our main community event held in the Rivers Orchard. We invite anyone from the local community and beyond to join us to help pick our apple crop. In exchange, pickers may taste our many apple varieties and take some home for themselves. Those who do not wish to pick may purchase apples in the orchard on the day.

The day promises to be a festival and fun for the whole famity. On Previous apple days several hundred people, including many young children enjoyed a day of fruit picking in our beautiful location. Feel free to bring a picnic. In addition to picking apples, there will be:

The team from fruitID will be in attendance throughout the day. You are invited to bring any apples or pears from your own trees to get be identified. Identification can require several fruits at varying stages of ripeness. Please follow the guidelines when selecting your fruit and complete the Fruit ID form.

All equipment is provided, but feel free to bring your own apple pickers if you have them - it may speed you up at busy times! Instruction and guidanace is available from our team of keen volunteers.

Other activities will be available throughout the day and our members will be available to talk about the site history and apple varieties as well as the work done on the site today. Local honey will be available for sale as well.

After picking, all apples will be juiced for sale at local events. This is the main fundraising activity of the group, so please help support our local orchard!

A brief report from a previous Apple Day can be found here.

Directions to the orchard are available here and signs will be put up on the day. Please do not park in the Rivers Hospital car park or access road.