Ellison's Orange

A popular garden apple.

First Reported1904
AppearanceGreasy green-yellow
Use byOctober

Ellison's Orange is a second-early dessert variety which was discovered by Rev. C. Ellison of Bracebridge Manse and Mr.Wipf, the head gardener to Ellison’s brother-in-law at Hartsholme Hall, Lincs. It is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and one of the Calville Blancs. It was first recorded in 1904 and introduced in 1911 by Pennells of Lincoln. It received an RHS Award of Merit in 1911 and a First Class Certificate in 1917. It was also given an Award of Garden Merit in 1993.

Ellison's Orange is a creamy-white fleshed, round/conical apple with a distinctive, richly aromatic aniseed taste. It is juicy and soft to the bite. Its greenish-yellow, greasy skin is partly covered by a brownish-red flush with broad broken stripes of brownish crimson.

It is picked in mid-late September and can be eaten through to the end of October. Ellison’s Orange continues to be a popular garden variety.

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