Edward VII

Excellent storing apple.

First Reported1902
AppearanceGreen-yellow, smooth
UseNov to April

Edward VII was first recorded in 1902. It received the RHS Award of Merit in 1903. It was introduced by Rowe of Worcester in 1908. Edward VII is a cross between Blenheim Orange and Golden Noble. It is an excellent culinary variety.

Edward VII has a very attractive appearance. It is a medium to large fruit with dry, smooth, bright green skin which will pale to yellow as it matures. Its flesh is creamy, firm and moderately juicy. It has a sharp, acidic taste and cooks to a pink-tinged translucent puree.

It is picked in October. Edward VII stores remarkably well; it will last round to April. The tree has a very upright growing habit. It crops well and has a high resistance to scab. It has a beautiful blossom.

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