Concorde pear

A buttery-sweet pear.

First Reported1977
LocationEast Malling
Use byOct/Nov

Concorde is a very good garden variety which is a cross between two highly-valued pear varieties viz. Conference and Doyenne du Comice. It takes its reliability and heavy-cropping from the Conference side and its really good flavour is inherited from Doyenne du Comice. It has adapted very well to the English climate.

It was raised at Horticultural Research International, East Malling and selected for further development in 1977. It is also a successful commercial variety. Its skin is pale green which turns to yellow as it ripens. Fruits display varying amounts of russeting and some are flushed orange red with wide, indistinct stripes.

It tastes juicy, buttery, sweet and is finely-textured. Concorde is picked at the end of September and its season of use is October/November. Its shape is very similar to Conference.

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