Blenheim Orange

A "must-have" apple.

First Reportedc. 1740
LocationBlenheim - Oxon
AppearanceGreen - red flush
Use byDec-Jan

Blenheim Orange was discovered circa 1740 by Mr. Kempster at Woodstock, near Blenheim, Oxfordshire.

It is a very handsome fruit with a beautiful blossom, mainly flat round in form. Its skin is greenish yellow with varying amounts of orange red flush and patches of russet. Its crumbly flesh is sweet, nutty and full of flavour. Blenheim Orange is very tasty with cheese and larger fruits make excellent Apple Charlotte.

It was hugely popular in the 19th century. Nowadays, it is only available from selected nurseries but remains a ‘must have’ variety with amateur pomologists. It is picked in late September/ early October and its season of use lasts round to December/January.

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