Arthur Turner

Great for baking and pies!.

First Reported1912
AppearanceGreen-Red flushed
Use byNovember

Arthur Turner was raised at Slough in 1912. When it was first exhibited at the RHS it was called Turner’s Prolific and was given an Award of Merit. It was given its current name in 1913 and introduced to market in 1915. It has one of the most beautiful blossoms of any tree in Rivers Orchard and, indeed, received an award of Garden Merit from the RHS for this property – a unique honour!

It is a large culinary apple with a light green skin. There is usually a lot of scarf skin in its cavity. It is a most attractive apple with flushes of varying amounts of blue, grey, orange to greyish red and can display small patches of grey-brown russet.

Arthur Turner is picked in late September/early October and will store until late November. It is an excellent apple for baking and pies.

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