Rivers Archives

The group's archives form a detailed history of the Rivers Nursery in Sawbridgeworth. The items were collected by Elizabeth Waugh and used to write her Rivers Nursery of Sawbridgeworth in 2009. The physical archives are currently housed in the Sawbridgeworth Town Council offices and some are kept electronically (see below). Contact the committee for further information.


A leaflet celebrating 250 years of the Rivers Nursery (published in 1975) is available here.

Report of the Committee of the National Pear Conference, 1885 in which the Conference pear was introduced (from the Biodiversity Heritage Library).

Rivers Catalogues

Some of the Rivers Catalogues held in the archives are now available electronically. We thank the RHS Lindley Library, the John Innes Library, Lenze (UK) and Peter Rivers for help in collecting these. We would be very happy to expand our collection. If anyone would like to donate further years, please contact the committee.

1861-629.9 Mb
1897-989.3 Mb
1925-2616.2 Mb
1935-3615.4 Mb
1949-5012.1 Mb
1970-7112.8 Mb
1971-7211.7 Mb
1977-7815.2 Mb
1978-7911.6 Mb
1979-8011 Mb
1980-8110.8 Mb
1981-8211 Mb